Our smart farm

Our unique GPS farming tool has the ability to provide the below services for farmers in Nigeria to help improve crop yield and over all sustainable farming

  • Monitor activity on a large scale farm size
  • Detect soil deficiency
  • Spot water stress, weed and pest attack
We Have One Goal

To cultivate and harvest healthy farm produce

The world needs to produce at least 50% more food to feed 9 billion people. Agriculture has been projected as a major driving force of Africa’s economic resurgence and in Nigeria, its contribution to the GDP is put at about 22 per cent. However about 90 per cent of agricultural output is accounted for by subsistence farmers.

Unseasonal rains and heavy dew during flowering and fruiting periods are the major factors which adversely affect the yield and quality of cashew nut. Cloudy conditions, high RH and heavy dew are favourable for outbreak of insect pests and diseases. Drought conditions drastically reduce cashew nut production. The climate change-induced drought can be partially mitigated by adopting mulching, conservation agriculture and soil and water conservation measures, by providing protective/drip irrigation/fertigation during the fruit development stages.

Nigeria has the second highest burden of stunted children in the world, with a national prevalence rate of 32 percent of children under five.The underlying causes of malnutrition in Nigeria are poverty, inadequate food production, inadequate food intake, ignorance and uneven distribution of food, poor food preservation techniques, improper preparation of foods, food restrictions and taboos, and poor sanitation.


Technology Approach

Our technology approach is affordable and easy adaptation for farmers in Nigeria to help achieve sustainable farming.

  • help farmers to Save farm budget
  • help farmers to Improve crop health
  • help farmers to Boost crop yield
  • help farmers to increase their income
  • help to produce affordable nutritional food to our country

Our Mission

To build and host the largest agribusiness ecommerce cooperative in Africa starting from Nigeria, leveraging smart technology solutions to achieve  a green, sustainable and eco friendly 
ecosystem along the agric value chain.

We plan to engage at least 1000 youth annually, collaborate with stakeholders in the value chain. Adopt smart agricultural practice one community, one crop, one fruit, one veggie, one livestock.

Saeed Oshin

Grown With Love on Our Farms

My father isn’t a farmer either is my mother a farmer. I never lived in the farm rather did I school on the farm. Sometimes I almost want to give up but since I left my corporate job in 2015 to start up this agribusiness venture, something has always stirred in my mind: WHY is the sector so left behind that nobody thinks or cares about people that bring food to our table?

Yes! I am not a capitalist. I am more of a socialist. That’s why I take bold steps and calculated risk.

My ideal job is to be a social agropreneur, working with hands dirty in the farm field and also with my innovative pen in a smart agrihub that provides me and my farmer’s cooperative the ability to plan and execute transforming strategy towards food security…”

Saeed Oshin

Founding Farmer

The Greenbles' Team

Oladapo Kasumu

Oladapo Kasumu

Mr Oladapo Kasumu brings to bear over 20years experience across the Telecoms, Banking and Tech start up space. He sees Agriculture as the key driver for the much needed industrialisation and economic growth in Nigeria and believes Greenbles is well positioned to play a critical role in that regard.

Fausat Sanni-Yusuf

Fausat Sanni-Yusuf

She has diverse work experience spanning over 18 years in Teaching, Banking, Educational Management and Consulting, Agric- Business

Saeed Oshin

Saeed Oshin

Saeed studied Economics with an Information technology and DBA diploma His a visionary and passionate social entrepreneur with more than 10yrs work experience and 6yrs practical experience in agribusiness value chain and integration.

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